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Australian Cricket in World War Two

The Second World War began in Europe in September 1939, and ran in Asia until August 1945. Our story begins with the tail end of the Australian Test tour of England in 1938, and the Australian domestic season of 1938/39, and runs until the rebirth of Test cricket after the war with the M.C.C. tour of Australia in 1946/47. The eight years of our period encompassed seventeen Northern and Southern summers. Along with three interludes at times of crisis – the outbreak of war in September 1939, the advent of war in the Pacific in December 1941, and the birth pangs of a return to normality in September 1944 – these make up the backbone of our the narrative.

The Author

Nicholas J Cowell

Nicholas Cowell is an Australian cricket nut, currently living in Sydney, and formerly in Melbourne and tropical Singapore.

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